How difficult it is, Lord, 
to achieve a few moments of silence.  
This noisy world presses upon our senses. 
Even if we shut off TV and radio in our home
we hear the distant hum of traffic
and the vibration of planes overhead. 
Some people are so attuned to noise 
that they shun silence as ominous, 
whereas it has a healing virtue all of its own. 

I remember, Master, how You loved
the silence of the hills
where You withdrew in solitude for prayer. 
It was easier in Your days on earth
to reach open country. 
Today our towns spread out like ugly growths
swallowing up green fields and hedges.
For us the solitude of hills becomes
just a picture on a postcard
or a painting hung up on our wall. 
Our imagination must place us in the scene.
The silence is perhaps only a few moments at dawn or dusk
or stolen between duties. 

Help me, Lord, however difficult my circumstances, 
to make some brief break of silence daily, 
when I quiet myself before you, 
think of Your peace stealing into my heart, 
rest in Your love and rejoice in Your goodness, 
without uttering a word. 
You will be there and know how to meet my need. 

God in My Everyday 



Joyce Howe (Source Unknown)