A Prayer for Love and Peace

As I listen to the news this morning, I hear about another incident 
where life has been lost, this time in an attack on our Muslim 
neighbours. Recently we seem to be going through a time of incidents 
where life has been lost, due to terrorism, cost cutting, and taking 
unnecessary risks.

Life would seem to have so little value to many people these days.


Help us to remember that all life is valuable to you and help us to make 
that message known to everyone.

Be with all those who have lost loved ones, especially those who have 
lost through the recent atrocities in Manchester, London Bridge and 
Finsbury Park, and in the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower.

Help us to get your message of love across to all those in a position of 
power and authority, be it in business, society or government. Help 
others to make the right choice between taking the path that leads to 
profit and power, regardless of the consequence to others, and doing 
what is best for society, regardless of the cost to profit and status 
for themselves.

We know we live in a diverse society of mixed peoples and beliefs, help 
us all to understand our beliefs call for love and peace to one another, 
not just our own kind.

Help us to take the path that leads to love and forgiveness in our 
hearts, and so to a better world for everyone, and not the path that so 
easily calls for hatred and revenge.

Help us to know that we are all made in your image, and you are the 
model of love and peace we can find in our hearts when we turn to you.

God of love, we bring our prayers before you in the name of your Son 
Jesus, who in human form gave us the perfect example of how we should 
live our lives.




Malcolm Muir