Why I go to Church?

This week some of the pupils of the local Junior school are paying our church a visit.
I have been asked to give two reasons why I go to the church.
1. To learn about Jesu's love for us and share love with others.
2. To care and share joy and happiness as we listen and learn through music, stories, art and quietness....effecting us deep inside.

Thank you loving God for your help in the challenges we face when helping others to see what motivates us in our lives.
Thank you for the milestones we recall in our journey of faith. Moments when we have been especially conscious of your presence -which has helped us grow-when truth has dawned in an unmistakable a powerful way.
WE recognise our journey is not over in this period of Lent, there will always be more to learn to see, to understand, to share, with our community, young and old.
Guide us we pray, in Jesus name. Amen.



Marjorie Brown