Advent Thought

Born in the night, Mary’s child
A long way from your home;
Coming in need Mary’s child,
Born in a borrowed room.
The words of this carol have been on my mind throughout Advent. We can’t have failed to see the pictures of refugees on our television screens. Refugees from around the world. In very recent days we have seen the horrific pictures from Aleppo. Among the many people leaving their own countries are women carrying young children, many are pregnant!!
Like Mary these women will have to give birth in a “Borrowed room” a long way from home!
Loving God,
As we get so involved with preparations for Christmas let us remember all those in the world, near and far, who don’t have a place to call home.
We remember all those who are hungry and thirsty, those who are desperate for medical attention, and all those separated from loved ones.
We remember all those who will be working this Christmas caring for others.
Again we remember countries of the world where there is conflict. The world so often seems to be in turmoil, when Jesus was born into this world it was at a time of unrest, so Lord our prayer has to be for a peaceful world.
Let us also remember all those known to us personally who will be having a difficult time during this Christmas season, may each one of them be aware of your presence in their time of need.   Amen
I will close with the last verse of the carol I began with
Hope of the world, Mary’s child,
Your coming soon to reign.
King of the earth, Mary’s child
Walk in our streets again.
A very happy Christmas to you all



Margaret Wright