New Beginnings

It is September and we have begun a new Church Year, a time we can hope of New Beginnings.  Over the last year our Circuit has had a lot to deal with and our Ministers and Circuit Stewards and other members of the leadership team have had much more to deal with than normal.

At the beginning of this new year we must look at it as New Beginnings

O God, in Mystery and silence you are present in our lives, bringing new life out of destruction, hope out of destruction and growth out of difficulty.

We thank you that you do not leave us alone, but are working with us to bring new things to birth. Help us to perceive your hand in the unfolding of our lives, to know the dignity of acceptance within your family and to work to make all  human life full of purpose and joy. Amen

        Kathleen Richardson(President of Conference 1992-93)

Lord, we come to you in adoration for all that you have done for us over our lives.  We pray Lord for a new beginning to help us to bring our churches into the 21st Century which will encompass everyone.

We pray for all of our Churches and all who work lovingly to bring your message to all those around them.  We pray that we can all have open minds  and hearts for your love and the ability to spread that love throughout the world.  Amen




Elma Morgan