At a recent worship group Service at Cleadon they considered Courage in the Christian context and this is a prayer which others in the Circuit may find useful: 

Lord we’ve been discussing courage this morning and we acknowledge that as individuals we have different concerns and anxieties and we pray that in these situations you will be alongside us as we summon up the courage to deal with the problem.

Lord may we always sympathise with others who face a dilemma that we do not recognise in our own lives, just as we would pray that others would bolster our courage when we are faced with concerns they do not recognise.

We pray for your guidance Lord when we have the courage to speak out against perceived injustice. Help us to find the right words to avoid being hurtful. May we always strive to ensure that your will is done.

In our actions too Lord may we be courageous in your name so that others may see that in the way we live our lives we are doing all we can to follow in your footsteps.

We acknowledge Lord that throughout history men and women have responded to your call and carried out wonderful acts of courage in your name in ways which have changed the world. You may not see that role for us Lord but whatever you have in store for us which requires courage we know that you will stand beside us at those difficult times.




Bob Robinson