Easter Thoughts

Loving, mysterious God, as Easter approaches we take time now to think of the importance of the Easter story.

On Palm Sunday we remember how the crowds were shouting “Hallelujah” as you entered Jerusalem, perhaps the same crowd that shouted “Crucify” on Good Friday! Where would we have been? What would we have been shouting?

Forgive us Lord when we sometimes abandon you when service requires commitment and sacrifice!  We’re not always willing to walk the way of the cross!

As well as pain and rejection Jesus suffered injustice and betrayal.

We pray for all those in the world today who are suffering because of injustice, war and violence. The world so often seems to be in turmoil, Lord we pray once again for peace. Comfort all those who are feeling rejected or betrayed at this time.

In this season when we see new life all around us, we remember how following the resurrection of Jesus new life came to the apostles. Countless lives have been transformed because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Lord we give thanks for Jesus in our lives, Jesus who is active in the world today. At this Easter time we celebrate, an empty cross, an empty tomb, a living God.  AMEN     



Margaret Wrigth