As We Approach Lent...

As we approach Lent I recall the words of my tutor, 'its Lent again, repent again'
We at East Boldon have just had a visit from about 60 pupils from the Junior School.
It was arranged so that we could talk to them in groups of about 10 at a time.  My friend and I had the ask of encouraging them to think and then write a prayer.
I asked if they remembered to say sorry when they did something wrong and one little boy replied, no because its usually their fault!!
How many times do we make that excuse - its their fault?

Loving God,
You have chosen us to minister to others as Jesus taught us to.
Sometimes we turn our backs on them,
Sometimes we turn our backs on you.
Sometimes we use the worlds role models in place of yours.
Forgive us; guide us through this Lenten period, show us our faults as we learn more of Jesus thoughts, words, actions, his sufferings and ultimate death.
Thus enabling us to apply a good listening ear, alert mind and with eyes fully open attend with sensitivity the needs of those around us.
With your guidane, we can make a difference.



Marjorie Brown, February 2016