I attended a service to celebrate the Harvest of the City in Sunderland Minster the other day. This service was led by Revd. Kathryn Stephens and the speaker was our own Chair of the District Revd. Stephen Lindridge and his theme was to ‘Ponder’ on Place, Perspective and Purpose and the service was meaningful to Sunderland.

Previous to the service I had a conversation with two young apprentices who were representing the sponsor of the event – Liebherr , a seafaring construction and support company on the riverside.

These two very well dressed and very well spoken young men we a credit to the company as they spoke about how important it was to learn as much as they could through their apprenticeship, not just the theory but the practical as well, learning from their mentors and putting what they learned into practice.

And no doubt this is true in our church lives as well, perhaps we are serving a lifelong apprenticeship, we are learning the theory and the practical all the time, but what good does it do us if we never put it into practice, how will the harvest grow.

Perhaps we too need to ponder, perhaps we all need to look at our place in the world, locality and church and to place everything into perspective, to get the balance right which, in the long term will show us the purpose of our lives, to be diligent and fruitful, to be a help or a mentor to those around us, and to place what we read and learn into practice, so that all around us may know the love of God through one Jesus Christ in their lives. 


David Richardson



Rev David Richardson