Lent Thoughts

Dear Lord.  
As we continue our journey through lent, as we reflect upon the pain and the suffering and the rejection, we think of all those within our society who are plagued by emotions that tear them apart. We think of those trapped in depression, who struggle against the darkness and the loneliness. We think of all those who are trapped in abusive relationships, struggling to find a way out, and for all those who’s path seems uncertain, who struggle for direction and guidance. 


I attended a service to celebrate the Harvest of the City in Sunderland Minster the other day. This service was led by Revd. Kathryn Stephens and the speaker was our own Chair of the District Revd. Stephen Lindridge and his theme was to ‘Ponder’ on Place, Perspective and Purpose and the service was meaningful to Sunderland.

Previous to the service I had a conversation with two young apprentices who were representing the sponsor of the event – Liebherr , a seafaring construction and support company on the riverside.

The Rich Man

As I prepare for worship this Sunday I am reading the story of the rich man who ran up to Jesus and knelt at his feet, as told in Mark’s gospel.

Though we regularly hear it said that money is the root of all evil, this story reminds me that, as John Wesley, our founder said to his followers, money is actually good, in the hands of God’s children it can feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and defend the oppressed. He believed that we should gain all we can, as often as we can, but then give all we can.


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