Lent Thoughts

Dear Lord.  
As we continue our journey through lent, as we reflect upon the pain and the suffering and the rejection, we think of all those within our society who are plagued by emotions that tear them apart. We think of those trapped in depression, who struggle against the darkness and the loneliness. We think of all those who are trapped in abusive relationships, struggling to find a way out, and for all those who’s path seems uncertain, who struggle for direction and guidance. 

The Wilderness Times

What did you “give up” for Lent?  Has it helped you in your preparation for Easter?  Jesus went out into the Wilderness in a time of preparation for His ministry to come. It was the custom then to fast, to give up something (mainly food) to help focus the mind. We know He didn’t starve, we believe He was challenged and He came through those challenges strengthened for the work ahead.

As We Approach Lent...

As we approach Lent I recall the words of my tutor, 'its Lent again, repent again'
We at East Boldon have just had a visit from about 60 pupils from the Junior School.
It was arranged so that we could talk to them in groups of about 10 at a time.  My friend and I had the ask of encouraging them to think and then write a prayer.
I asked if they remembered to say sorry when they did something wrong and one little boy replied, no because its usually their fault!!
How many times do we make that excuse - its their fault?


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