About us

The Sunderland Methodist Circuit is made up of 13 churches.   Each church has its own place of worship, fellowship and opportunities for mission.  Together we have over 830 members and serve many more people besides.

The Circuit is led by a Circuit Leadership Team made up of ministers appointed by the Methodist Conference, our layworker, circuit volunteer pastors and a group of volunteer circuit stewards who are appointed by the Circuit meeting.  On behalf of the Circuit the stewards look after the running of the Circuit.

The Sunderland Methodist Circuit is part of the Newcastle District of the Methodist Church in Britain

What does the Circuit do?

The primary function of the Circuit is to enable the churches to fulfil their calling, worshipping and witnessing together for Christ in this area.

By working together the Circuit is able to provide support between the churches and share resources.  For instance in running training for local preachers, making grants for property work or enabling outreach. 

The Local Area

The Circuit covers an area of approximately 8 miles North to South and 6 miles from East to West, and comprises of the City of Sunderland and various outlying communities.  From more affluent villages to ex-mining pit villages, some areas of high deprivation and the City centre community.  Part of the Circuit, falls into the South Tyneside Local Authority rather than Sunderland and is situated on a beautiful coastline, equidistant from Newcastle and the picturesque City of Durham.  The Circuit falls North and South of the River Wear.  Sunderland has many visitor attractions which include, a country park developed by former mining pit heaps, the National Glass Centre which is situated on the bank of the River Wear, close to the famous St Peters Anglo-Saxon Church, a Marina and Riverside Walks.  The City centre houses a Museum, Winter Gardens and Theatre attracting many West End shows.  Annually the City hosts one of the larges free family attractions with the Sunderland International Air Show.